Southpaw Fencing LLC (SFL) is passionate about safely delivering strong project performance
to our clients.  We pride ourselves on providing industry leading workmanship, safety, and on time
project performance at competitive rates.  SFL is well positioned to meet your needs and looks
forward to the opportunity to provide exceptional value to your upcoming projects.  

SFL operates in multiple industries including WisDOT, county, city, and local municipality work
such as restoration, sign installation, concrete, beam guard installation, cable guard installation,
fencing, shoulder repair, and excavation.  We also serve the Oil and Gas industry with civil
projects such as excavation, fabrication, concrete, road building, fencing, structural steel erection,
painting, and restoration. In addition, we have completed commercial and industrial projects such
as sand mine and landscaping work, as well as smaller scale
local projects.

We are safe, dependable, and respected.

Member of International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139
Member of Laborers' Local 268
MSHA certified